A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Since 2004, the idea of traveling to find music and inspiration, and the belief in the power of music to cross and unite borders have always been at the core of A Hawk and a Hacksaw’s music. Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost love to anticipate and observe connections between places and epochs from a bird's eye view. Their current album "Forest Bathing" (Leaf Label, 2018) reflects on the Japanese art of healing named "Shinrin-Yoku", in which one takes on the forest atmosphere and lets his soul bathe in it. If you listen to "Forest Bathing" without knowing who the musicians are, you probably would not expect two American musicians from Albuquerque, New Mexico behind it. At By the Lake, A Hawk and a Hacksaw present music from different locations along a route without a destination, along many dreams to come true.