By the Lake Sundowner

11 May 2017
Strandbad Weißensee

A relaxed evening with music, workshops and tasting.

Entrance is free but registration is required for workshops and tasting.


  • 18:00Start

  • 19:00Workshops and tasting

  • 20:30Live music

  • Workshop 1

    Film with Tom Schumann

    The film maker (i.a. Nils Frahm) shows practical tricks and hints, which are realized in a little project on site.
  • Workshop 2

    Midsummer flower wreaths with Claudia Sennecke

    In tradition of the approaching midsummer night you are teached to design and create colorful flower wreaths, for the inner hippie or just to show off at the next party.
  • Tasting

    Whiskey with Whiskey Union

    The wonderful world of Whiskey represented by 5 excellent brands and 2 refreshing cocktails.
  • Live music


    That’s guitar, beat machine, loop-station and Nikolai Alber's distinctive voice. The Dream-Pop of Nïer creates fine-tuned soundscapes, which are in between chilly club-electronica and gentle songwriting.
  • DJ

    Norman Fleischer

    Nothing But Hope And Passion